Manage relationships, not databases

Instantly know who your team is connected with (and when)

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We pull contextual information from social channels and email so you can answer one simple question.

Who do we know at {any} given company?

Who's using this product?

Salespeople who are looking to nurture their leads

Investors who want to ensure they are reaching out to important companies in a timely basis

Corporate Development teams who need to keep their ear to the ground on up and coming innovative companies outside their organization

But I already have a CRM tool

Great, so do many of the other people using this product! While we don't intend on replacing your existing CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool, we realize that for most people, a simple search interface is all they need to find out the status of a relationship.

Free your most important assets

Break down organizational silos

Larger companies have a hard time pinning down who knows who. By automatically building an address book, your team can harness insights about communication patterns.

Break down organizational silos
Break down organizational silos
Make Your Network Come Alive

Search for the best connections

When you're embarking on a new project, it's great to know who has innate knowledge about a different topic. A shared address book makes it easy to find subject matter experts within your network who can accelerate your progress.

custom data integration

Intelligence about companies & people

We can work with your team or company for custom search integrations, as we have with venture firms and enterprises. You can have the most actionable and salient data to search from about potential vendors, employees, and partners.

Break down organizational silos