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Know who your team is connected with (and when)

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Deal Flow

Use case dealflow

You're the consummate business professional. You realize that relationships matter, and they matter a lot. Use ForwardTrail to keep in touch with the people that matter. Pin the most important contacts and companies, or use lists to keep them all organized. Learn about who you're best connected to just by looking at a simple list.


Use case startups

When you ask people how they spend their time in large companies, one common theme always seems to arise. 'Searching' for stuff. People spend time searching for files, articles, and other people. Product development teams love ForwardTrail because they can easily find contacts and companies with certain skills or in a particular industry that they're trying to get connected to.


Use case recruiting

You know that as a company, talent is your most important asset. You can use ForwardTrail to connect all of your accounts to find potential employees across your networks more easily. With support for skills that come from Angellist, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github, we're adding more information about the distinct latent talent in your network.


Use case fundraising

Series Seed, Series A, Series Z. Whether you're building the next big mobile application or managing a crowdfunding campaign, you're going to need cash. Keeping track of your investors in spreadsheets is so late '90s. Unless you really like making mistakes, and no workflow features, use ForwardTrail to manage all of your fundraising activity in one place.

Your Perfect CRM

Use case perfect

You're a growth hacker. You know exactly what you want, and you're tired of dealing with crappy APIs or Mickey Mouse wizards to build the tool that you need to get $%*! done. ForwardTrail is the great boilerplate canvas for you to paint your perfect workflow on top of.

Collaborate using Lists, pipelines, & @ mentions

Organize your workflow easily using lists to organize your contacts, pipelines to move contacts and companies between different stages, and an activity feed to make sure people are on the same page.

Relationship insight wherever you go

ForwardTrail works in context by showing up in your email sidebar and social profiles like LinkedIn or Twitter when we detect that the page is someone that you or someone on your team knows. Some have even called it the "Back up Camera" for their email.

Automagic data cleanup

The hardest part about managing your team's CRM is dealing with hygiene headaches. We make your headaches away by pulling information from your corporate email and social profiles into your address book.

So why is ForwardTrail better?

Because most CRMs are crippled or ridiculously complicated.

ForwardTrail is the perfect tool when you need something simple to use, yet extensible enough to fit almost any use case.