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Keep Organized with Lists

Live your life in a spreadsheet? You'll feel right at home

Organize by lists

You can easily arrange the companies and people you want to keep in touch with using shared 'Lists' with your team.

Follow ups

Keep in touch with the people that matter the most with 1 click follow ups.


Know the status of contact for each company at a glance.

Best Connection

Always get a warm intro. See the best connection to the teams you're reaching out to in a handy spreadsheet-like view.

Team Activity at a Glance

See what's new, who is talking to who, and never miss an interaction.

Add new activities

Mention (@) your contacts or teammates or use (#) hashtags to organize activities together

Email connections

ForwardTrail shows you exactly who your team is connecting to in real time.

Track meetings

See when your team is out meeting with your clients in a simple interface.

Custom data

In addition to the standard connection types, ForwardTrail supports custom data sets derived internally or externally, and from popular customer support applications

Automagic Data Cleanup

The hardest part about managing your team's CRM is dealing with hygiene headaches. We make your headaches go away by pulling information from your corporate email and social profiles into your address book.

Robust API

ForwardTrail has a robust REST based API that allows your development team easily get any data in and out of the system.

Infinitely extensible

Simple, unadulterated contact management is just the beginning. With our library of addons, you're well on your way to getting the exact tool you want.